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Risk Management

Report of the Director – Finance and Corporate Services


The Service Manager Corporate Services presented the Risk Management report which highlighted changes in the Council’s risk register and risk management activity in the period since the last report.


The Service Manager Corporate Services said that there were currently 38 corporate risks and 27 operational risks but that the number fluctuated as risk management activity took place. She noted that two risks had been removed, one about the Local Development Order, which had now been agreed, and one about Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium, which had now opened. She noted that two risks had increased, one in relation to the Transformation Strategy and one regarding ICT loss or failure of service.


The Service Manager Corporate Services said that six risk ratings had reduced and two risks had been reduced.


Members of the Group asked about the Council’s mitigation against cyber attack and the Service Manager Corporate Services said that the ICT Manager regularly attended training and conferences and had put measures in place to ensure that the Council was very well protected. She said that risk increase did not necessarily represent concern about an attack but rather an acceptance there was an increased risk of attack.


In relation to the Council’s risk appetite, she referred members to the Council’s Risk Management Strategy which included information about the Council’s risk profile and said that she would provide more information as part of the review of the Risk Management Strategy which was scheduled to come to the February Governance Scrutiny Group meeting.


The Group referred to risk related to a lack of qualified staff and asked if this related to the Planning Team.  The Service Manager Corporate Services confirmed that it had originally and that the Planning Team was now fully staffed and had a contract in place with an external supplier to enable it to manage any peaks in applications going forward. She said, however, that there were also difficulties with recruiting to other sectors, such as Environmental Health, and as such the risk remained.


Councillor Thomas suggested adding an opportunity risk related to the affordable housing capital in the budget and the Service Manager Corporate Services agreed to refer the suggestion back to the Risk Management Group.


In response to queries about specific risks, the Service Manager Corporate Services said that DEG01 Opportunity provided by Rushcliffe Oaks, related to the facility having only recently opened and as such it needed time to realise its full potential. In relation to CRR_NS09 Unforeseen incidents happening at public events, the Service Manager Corporate Services said that the risk had reduced as the Council believed it had sufficient mitigating actions and risk management in place. She confirmed that mental health was included as part of OR_CED03 Risk to staff health due to their work. In relation to CED02 Insufficient staff capacity - skills, knowledge, and availability, she said that this related to the resources of the Council and deficiencies in certain areas where it struggled to recruit staff, such as Planning and Environmental Health, which could impact its ability to provide services.


The Service Manager Corporate Services said that she would provide an update to the Group about NS28a Increasing number of developments and greater opportunity for affordable housing.


It was RESOLVED that Governance Scrutiny Group:


a)    scrutinises the content of this report; and


b)    considers and makes recommendations on risks that have red alert status.

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