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Upper Saxondale Community Governance Review

The report of the Chief Executive is attached.


Having declared an interest, Councillor Moore did not participate in the debate or vote for this item.


The Leader and Portfolio Holder for Strategic and Borough Wide Leadership, Councillor Robinson, presented the report of the Chief Executive, outlining the Upper Saxondale Community Governance Review.


The Leader explained that in December 2021, the Council had received a petition for it to hold a governance review for the area of Upper Saxondale. A cross party Task and Finish Group had then been established, and the Leader referred to documentation circulated with the report which set out the Terms of Reference for the Group, which included the proposed boundary and Councillor set up. The Leader confirmed that Nottinghamshire County Council had considered and accepted the proposals.  The Leader explained that several referendums had been held which had received a few negative comments, including from the Chairman of Saxondale Parish and from Cropwell Butler Parish Council, which had been considered by the  Group.  The Leader confirmed that the Group had recommended bringing a proposal to Full Councill to create a separate parish for the area of Upper Saxondale as defined by the map in Appendix Three of the report. The Leader referred to the report, which had concluded that the proposals represented the best model for effective governance for this community and considered that this comment reflected the ultimate in devolution to the local community. The Leader commented that the community of Upper Saxondale had been engaged and involved in looking after their locality.


In conclusion, the Leader explained that, if agreed at Full Council, the proposal would then go the Secretary of State, with a target for elections in May 2023, with any logistical matters being supported by Rushcliffe Borough Council.


Councillor Inglis confirmed that he had Chaired the cross party Task and Finish Group, which had voted unanimously in support of the proposal and confirmed that appropriate steps had been taken to ensure that objectives and legalities for Rushcliffe Borough Council were met in the appropriate areas.  Councillor Inglis explained that the proposal was what residents had asked for as demonstrated by the 95.2% of respondents who were in favour, and on that basis, Councillor Inglis stated that he was happy to support the decision of the Task and Finish Group and seconded the recommendation.


Councillor J Walker said that the Labour Group supported the recommendation and the creation of the new parish.


Councillor Jones advised that at the second meeting of the Task and Finish Group he had raised questions about the likely increased cost of the new parish council and whilst, unfortunately, he had not been able to attend the third meeting, he saw from the notes of that meeting that this issue had not been addressed.  Councillor Jones stated that for such a defined community the response rate had been low; however, his colleagues in the Working Group supported the recommendation and so, reluctantly, he would support it also.


Councillor S Mallender confirmed that the Green Group supported the recommendation and asked in future if meetings could start later than 5pm, to allow Councillors who worked the opportunity to attend them.


Councillor Shaw confirmed that the Leake Independent Group was very happy to support the recommendation and congratulated the residents on their initiative, and hoped that more would be formed, including perhaps in West Bridgford.


Councillor Butler agreed that this was a positive story, referred to the establishment and work of the Task and Finish Group, and that hopefully  the residents would achieve their goal. Councillor Butler stated that this was a good example of democracy in action and the differing roles that councils had to play, he welcomed the recommendations and congratulated the residents, and all involved in the quick processing of the proposal.


Councillor Gowland explained that she had been a member of the Task and Finish Group and agreed that it had been very well run and had reached the right decision. Councillor Gowland reiterated that it was a good example of democracy in action and provided an effective model of governance for this community, who were engaged, loved their area, and looked after it. Councillor Gowland added that West Bridgford was similar, and residents would enjoy having this too.


Councillor Upton stated that on behalf of his fellow Board Members at Radcliffe on Trent Parish Council, he supported the recommendation, as Upper Saxondale was very much a separate community geographically and in many other ways and this was a good proposal.


The Leader thanked Councillors for their support, congratulated local residents and stated that the Borough Council looked forward to them becoming a parish and working with them in the future.




a)     that a separate parish for the area defined by the map in Appendix Three be created and that:


·        this area be named Upper Saxondale

·        this area have a parish council

·        this council be called Upper Saxondale Parish Council

·        Upper Saxondale Parish Council has seven members; and


b)     that delegated authority be granted to the Chief Executive to undertake the necessary steps to formalise the creation of a separate parish for Upper Saxondale.

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