Agenda item

Appointments of Committees and Member Groups 2022/23

The report of the Director – Finance and Corporate Services is attached.


The Leader and Portfolio Holder for Strategic and Borough Wide Leadership, Councillor Robinson presented the report of the Director – Finance and Corporate Services, outlining the nominations for the appointment to committees and member groups for 2022/23.


It was proposed by Councillor Robinson and seconded by Councillor Edyvean and RESOLVED that the nominations to committees and member groups for 2022/23 be approved as follows:


A. Scrutiny Groups


Corporate Overview Group

Councillors J Wheeler (Chairman), N Clarke, J Cottee, P Gowland, J Murray, D Virdi and G Williams


Governance Scrutiny Group

Councillors D Virdi (Chairman), P Gowland (Vice Chairman), R Adair, K Beardsall, L Howitt, K Shaw, D Simms, J Stockwood and Mrs M Stockwood


Growth and Development Scrutiny Group

Councillors N Clarke (Chairman), J Cottee (Vice Chairman), M Barney, R Butler, M Gaunt, A Phillips, V Price, J Stockwood and L Way


Communities Scrutiny Group

Councillors G Williams (Chairman), J Murray (Vice Chairman), G Dickman, L Healy, C Jeffreys, R Jones, R Mallender, F Purdue-Horan and R Walker


B. Committees


Licensing Committee

Councillors L Healy (Chairman), R Adair, S Bailey, B Bansal, K Beardsall, N Begum, B Buschman, G Dickman, L Howitt, R Mallender, D Simms, J Stockwood, J Walker, G Wheeler and G Williams


Planning Committee

Councillors R Butler (Chairman), Mrs M Stockwood (Vice Chairman), S Bailey, B Bansal, N Clarke, L Healy, D Mason, V Price, F Purdue-Horan, C Thomas and J Walker                                         


Employment Appeals Committee

Councillors S Robinson (Chairman), N Begum, A Edyvean, V Price and R Walker  


Interviewing Committee

Councillors S Robinson (Chairman), N Begum, A Edyvean, R Walker and L Way


Standards Committee

Councillors R Walker (Chairman), K Beardsall, B Gray, S Mallender, D Mason and A Phillips

C. Member Groups


Local Development Framework Group

Councillors R Upton (Chairman), S Bailey, M Barney, R Butler, J Cottee, B Gray, V Price, F Purdue-Horan, S Mallender, D Simms, Mrs M Stockwood, C Thomas, J Walker, R Walker and G Wheeler


Member Development Group

Councillors R Mallender (Chairman), B Buschman, G Dickman, M Gaunt, C Jeffreys, A Phillips, K Shaw, J Wheeler and G Williams                                   

Rushcliffe Strategic Growth Board

Councillors S Robinson (Chairman), A Brennan, A Edyvean, P Gowland, R Inglis, R Jones, G Moore, R Upton and L Way


Civic Hospitality Panel

Councillors T Combellack (Chairman), B Bansal, A Edyvean, D Mason, S Robinson and K Shaw


Development Corporation and Freeport Member Working Group

Councillors A Edyvean (Chairman), M Barney, A Brennan, P Gowland, C Thomas, R Upton, D Virdi, J Walker and R Walker


West Bridgford Special Expenses and Community Infrastructure Levy

Advisory Group

Councillors G Moore (Chairman), B Buschman, P Gowland, R Jones, R Mallender, S Robinson, D Virdi, G Wheeler and J Wheeler                     


Bingham Chapel Lane and Crematorium Member Working Group

Councillors A Edyvean (Chairman), J Cottee, B Gray, L Healy, L Howitt, G Moore, D Simms, C Thomas and G Williams   


Upper Saxondale Community Governance Review Task and Finish Group

Councillors R Inglis (Chairman), A Brennan, N Clarke, P Gowland, C Jeffreys, R Jones, S Mallender, R Upton and G Williams                            


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