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Risk Management - 3 February 2022


The Service Manager – Corporate Services presented the Risk Management Progress report which provided the Group with an update on the Council’s risk activity following the previous update in September. It provided a summary of risks in the Council’s Risk Registers that have changed, including the risks identified as impacted by Covid-19 pandemic.


The Group were advised that there were currently 45 corporate risks and 33 operational risks, and in addition there are 2 opportunity risks identified and one risk removed. It was noted that the number of risks within the register will fluctuate throughout the year as active risk management is undertaken.


Risk increased


OR_CED04 Threat of Industrial Action: The likelihood of strike action has increased and as a result the likelihood rating has moved from 2 to 3.

OR_DEG07 Failure to determine major planning applications within 13 weeks or agreed period:Likelihood increased from 1 to 2 due to ongoing workload increases and staff vacancies.

OR_DEG08 Loss of income as a result of the refund of planning application fees under the provisions of the Government’s Planning Performance and Planning Guarantee: Likelihood increased from 1 to 2 – due to ongoing workload increases and staff vacancies.

Risk reduced


CRR_DEG01 Inability to demonstrate a five-year supply of deliverable housing sites against the housing target leading to further development on unallocated sites: Likelihood reduced from 2 to 1 as the current supply of land exceeds the target.

CRR_NS13b Inadequate resources to respond to flooding incidents:Likelihood reduced from 3 to 2 now that a rapid response team is in place.

New Opportunity Risks

OR_NS34 Increased risk of ASB and other related safety concerns arising from the use of an asylum contingency hotel by the Home Office for asylum seekers.

OPP_DEG02 County Deals – failure to secure opportunities for greater collaboration and Government funding. This is shown in Appendix B and replaces the risk in the last report


Members asked a how often does the Risk Management Group meet to determine what constitutes a risk and the mitigation processes the Council has in place. The Service Manager – Corporate Services advised that the Risk Management Group meet twice yearly, however, risk is monitored day by day by officers and reported to their Service Managers monthly with any immediate issues highlighted and reported upwards where necessary.


Members commented on the ongoing issues in respect of staff resources in planning and the likelihood of the increase of risk from 1 to 2 in determining planning applications within the agreed period and loss of income as a result of the refunding planning application fees. The Service Manager – Corporate Services informed members that there had been ab increase in applications of 42% and that key staff, namely principal officers and team leaders had left the organisation. The Service Manager – Corporate Services explained that a recruitment campaign is in progress and confirmed that 2 new planning positions had been filled with 2 further vacancies yet to be filled, agency staff had been employed to cover and manage the principal and team leader positions and one designated CAPITA consultant employed to oversee the department.


The Chairman questioned the 9 risks with red alert status and what actions had been implemented to mitigate the risk. The Service Manager – Corporate Services explained that control and mitigation does not change substantially over time and that, therefore, the risk will remain at red until the situation changes. She also reminded the Group that details about the controls and mitigating actions for the risks identified as red had been brought to a previous meeting for the Group to scrutinise.


It was RESOLVED that Governance Scrutiny Group note:


a)    The report in relation to existing risk


b)    The progress of the risks identified in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic;


c)     The recommendations on the information provided for risks that are red alert status

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