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Cycling Networks - Part 2


The Communities Manager delivered a presentation to support the report of the Director – Neighbourhoods on the Provision of Cycling Networks in the Borough and provided and update to enable Councillors to consider the emerging issues related to cycling and to consider the inclusion of walking in making recommendations for future action.


The Communities Manager reminded members of the three presentations from Nottinghamshire County Council Local Transport Plans Manager, the Cycle Campaign Group for Nottingham ‘Pedals’ and Sustans the UK charity for walking and cycling, which were presented to the Growth and Development Scrutiny Group in July 2021.


The Planning Policy Manager provided information in respect of the national policy and guidance including:


The National Planning Policy Framework


Requires local planning policies and decisions to enable and support walking and cycling to:


·        Increase active travel and promote healthier lifestyles; and

·        Make transport more sustainable (e.g. reduce the need for new roads)


Local Transport Note 1/20


·        Provides guidance and good practice for the design of cycle infrastructure


Local Plan Policy


·        Cores strategy Policy 14 (Managing Travel Demand)

·        Sites already, or which can be made, accessible by cycling, walking (and public transport| should be prioritised for development

·        Cycling, walking (and public transport) should be prioritised ahead of measures to increase road capacity

·        New/improved cycling facilities should be provided early in the build out of new developments.


The Communities Manager asked the Group to consider the ‘Plan on a Page’ document circulated with the report, highlighting the three outcomes:


1.     Promotion


·        Increase awareness and participation in cycling

·        Events – e.g. Dr Bike, Pedal Power Sound, Smoothie Bike

·        Working with partners and businesses

·        Integration of programmes such as cycling proficiency

·        Communications – articles and social media



2.     Safety


·        Cycle theft preventions

·        Safe walking and cycling campaigns

·        Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership

·        Online mapping of safer walking and cycling routes in Rushcliffe

·        Increase walking and cycling training – walking bus and cycling proficiency


3.     Infrastructure


·        Planning obligations and applications

·        Mapping of walking and cycling routes in Rushcliffe

·        Bicycle storage

·        Funding opportunities

·        Support fully inclusive walking and cycling events

·        New foot and cycle bridge over the River Trent connecting the Borough to the City


In summarising, the Communities Manager asked members to consider the ‘Plan on a Page’ document circulated with the report, which provided a more detailed summary of the Council’s vision and aims.


Members raised their concerns in respect shared foot and cycle paths and asked when planning new schemes whether consideration could be given to them being separated. Members also stated that cyclists needed to be made aware of the dangers and safety element when cycling along a shared network and whether the changes to the highway code would conflict with existing schemes. The Communities Manager explained that the changes to the highway code was minimal and related to a cyclist’s primary position on roads and at junctions. In respect of pedestrian and cyclist segregation the Communities Manager referred to the ‘Plan on a Page’, explaining that outcomes 1 (Promotion) and 2 (Safety) would be key to increasing resident’s awareness.


Members questioned funding and delivery of schemes, especially as the infrastructure included shared responsibility with other authorities and agencies and how this may lead to conflict if the Council was to over promise and underdeliver. One member of the Group, and also a Nottinghamshire County Councillor, explained that the Government had offered a 10 week lead in to put ideas forward and then a further 6 weeks to put the schemes in place, adding it is significantly more expensive to adapt existing highway schemes and that support for priority sites and influencing the infrastructure within new developments to link up to existing highways is key.


The Communities Manager advised that as a Borough Council immediate actions could include safety, providing examples of preventative solutions including protection from theft, care and protection when cycling including wearing helmets, high-visibility clothing, and lights all of which are not legal requirements but do help to avoid accidents. With regards to infrastructure the Communities Manager advised that the Borough would work in partnership with the County Council as the transport authority to support with any bids for governments funding.


Members were encouraged to see the Borough taking an active role in enhancing residents transport choices and the options for a healthier and more sustainable approach and looked forward to seeing improvements to the transport connectivity and accessibility.


It was RESOLVED that the Growth and Development Scrutiny Group:


a)     Approve the inclusion of both walking and cycling in the scope of future action.


b)     Approve the adoption of the proposed walking and cycling ‘plan on a page’.

Supporting documents: