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Appointment of Committees and Member Groups 2021/22

The report of the Director of Finance and Corporate Services.

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The Leader and Portfolio Holder for Strategic and Borough Wide Leadership, Councillor Robinson presented the report of the Director – Finance and Corporate Services, outlining the nominations for the appointment of committees and member groups for 2021/22. In doing so, he thanked all Councillors for their participation over the last twelve months and thanked the outgoing Chairmen for their hard work and dedication.


It was proposed by Councillor Robinson and seconded by Councillor Edyvean and RESOLVED that the nominations to committees and member groups for 2021/22 be approved as follows:


A.   Scrutiny Committees


Corporate Overview Group

Councillors T Combellack (Chairman), B Bansal, R Butler, N Clarke, B Gray, D Virdi and J Wheeler


Governance Scrutiny Group

Councillors D Virdi (Chairman), B Gray (Vice Chairman), R Adair, K Breadsall, L Healy, L Howitt, K Shaw, D Simms and J Stockwood


Growth and Development Scrutiny Group

Councillors N Clarke (Chairman), R Butler (Vice Chairman), M Barney, J Cottee, L Howitt, J Murray, A Phillips, J Stockwood and L Way


Communities Scrutiny Group

Councillor J Wheeler (Chairman), B Bansal (Vice Chairman), G Dickman, L Healy, R Jones, R Mallender, F Purdue-Horan, R Walker and G Williams


B. Regulatory Committees


Licensing Committee


Councillors G Williams (Chairman), R Adair, S Bailey, K Beardsall, B Bansal, N Begum, B Buschman, G Dickman, L Healy, L Howitt, R Mallender, D Simms, J Stockwood, J Walker and G Williams


Planning Committee

Councillors R Upton (Chairman), Mrs M Stockwood (Vice Chairman), S Bailey, N Clarke, B Gray, P Gowland, L Healy, A Major, D Mason, F Purdue-Horan and C Thomas


Employment Appeals Committee

Councillors S Robinson (Chairman), A Edyvean, M Gaunt, A Major and R Walker


Interviewing Committee

Councillors S Robinson (Chairman), N Begum, A Edyvean, L Way and G Wheeler


Standards Committee

Councillors R Walker (Chairman), K Beardsall, B Gray, D Mason, R Mallender and A Phillips

S Nelken and A Wood (Parish Members) K White (Independent Member)


C. Member Groups


Local Development Framework Group

Councillors A Edyvean (Chairman), S Bailey, M Barney, R Butler, J Cottee, P Gowland, B Gray, A Major, R Mallender, F Purdue-Horan, D Simms, Mrs M Stockwood, C Thomas, R Walker and G Wheeler


Member Development Group

Councillors R Mallender (Chairman), B Buschman, T Combellack, B Gray, D Mason, A Phillips, K Shaw, J Stockwood and G Williams


Rushcliffe Strategic Growth Board

Councillors S Robinson (Chairman), A Edyvean (Vice Chairman), A Brennan, R Inglis, R Jones, G Moore, R Upton, J Walker and L Way


Civic Hospitality Panel

Councillor S Mallender (Chairman), B Bansal, A Edyvean, T Combellack, S Robinson and K Shaw


Development Corporation and Freeport Member Working Group

Councillor A Edyvean (Chairman), M Barney, A Brennan, B Gray, C Thomas, R Upton, D Virdi, J Walker and R Walker


West Bridgford Special Expenses and Community Infrastructure Levy

Advisory Group

Councillor G Moore (Chairman), B Buschman, P Gowland, R Jones, R Mallender, S Robinson, D Virdi, G Wheeler and J Wheeler


Bingham Chapel Lane Member Working Group

Councillor A Edyvean (Chairman), J Cottee, B Gray, L Healy, L Howitt, G Moore, D Simms, J Stockwood and C Thomas





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