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a)               Two years ago, this Council recognised the Climate Crisis and put in place measures, and finance, to help address this. The Ecological Crisis is the other side of the same coin.


Ecosystems are the Earth’s ‘life support system’: they provide the oxygen we breathe; they are a crucial part of the carbon cycle and they help maintain a stable climate.  Climate change is the consequence of humans exceeding the capacity of the planet’s ecosystems to take in CO2.


The UK Government’s Environment Act 2021 recognises the need to reconstruct ecosystems and gives Councils the legal responsibility to maintain a Nature Recovery Strategy. 


The majority of Council activities affect natural systems at some level and therefore we need to review our activities to identify and end or minimise any negative impact upon ecosystems, and to bring about a ‘net gain’ in biodiversity. 


This motion proposes that Council adopts a parallel approach to addressing the ecological emergency to that we adopted to address the climate emergency.


Full Council agrees to:


1.                Declare an ‘Ecological Emergency’.

2.               Conduct a cross service review to identify opportunities for service modernisation that will benefit biodiversity.

3.               Work with partners and stakeholders to identify opportunities to benefit biodiversity.

4.               Report to Communities Scrutiny Group within six months with details of potential actions the Council may implement considering their costs and broader implications associated with implementation.

5.               Present an Ecological Emergency Response Plan to Cabinet within one year.


Councillor R Mallender


b)       Threats from avoidable Climate Change to the future are all too real and Council has a leadership role in promoting action to reduce the local carbon footprint. Council believes that the voice of young people in Rushcliffe should be enhanced through the implementation of a structure for considering and advocating carbon reducing behaviour within Rushcliffe. This will be best achieved by establishing a 'Rushcliffe Youth Council for Action on Climate Change’ involving representatives of young people in Secondary Schools. This Council commits to investigating the establishment of a youth council through engagement with each of the eight local schools and YOUNG with a view to implementing this Rushcliffe initiative in early 2022. The Communities Scrutiny Group will consider progress to achieve Youth Council, its remit and the interaction with the Council and the Community.


Councillor R Jones


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