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Meeting: 27/08/2020 - Communities Scrutiny Group (Item 20)

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The report of the Executive Manager – Communities is attached.


The Community Development Manager presented the report of the Executive Manager – Communities that provided the Group with information to consider the future use of fireworks at Council events. It was noted that a motion was carried by Council in March 2020, which resolved to launch a public campaign to raise awareness of these impacts in the Borough, encourage advance advertising of planned firework events and promote alternative forms of activity such as quiet fireworks or other light displays. It also agreed to look at how fireworks are used at Council events with a view to move away from loud fireworks.


The Group were asked to consider three possible options:


a)     discontinue the use of loud fireworks at Council events (partial ban);

b)     discontinue the use of all fireworks at Council events (full ban); or

c)     no change to current events arrangements (no change).


The Community Development Manager delivered a presentation to the Group to help them inform their discussion. The presentation covered:


·        Purpose of Review;

·        Supporting Information;

·        Considerations; and

·        Recommendations.


Following the presentation there was a discussion about the impact of fireworks on wildlife, pets, the elderly and those with disabilities. It was noted that Rushcliffe Borough Council only used fireworks at the Christmas lights switch on in West Bridgford, the display lasted four minutes and that no residents had made formal complaints about the display. Some members of the Group therefore believed that no change was required to the use of fireworks at Council events. However, other members of the Group stated that if the Council stopped using loud fireworks it would set an example for residential displays. It was noted that a ban of loud fireworks would reduce noise from 120 decibels to 90 decibels and that other alternatives could be used such as light and drone displays and silent fireworks.


It was RESOLVED that:


a)     the report of the Executive Manager – Communities be noted;


b)     it be recommended to Cabinet that the Council stops the use of loud fireworks; and


c)     a public communications campaign be launched to encourage external event operators to adopt the Council’s approach to the use of fireworks.